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It’s time for another installment of “Trivia for a Shirt.” You have to follow me on Twitter to win and I’ll only accept answers via Twitter. So Twitter it is. You can follow me by clicking on the “Follow” button located in the right sidebar of this page....
Posted: 10/31/2011 10:07 AM in Better Off Red
Be The First On Your Block – Order NEW Cincinnati Bengals “Who D?” Defense T-Shirt.
Who the hell are these guys, the national sports media is asking? What’s a Dunlap? An Atkins? Whossa Rey Mooga? Michael Johnson, huh? Leon, schmeon? The Who D? Get your new Bengals “Who D?” Defense t-shirt. Just $14.99. Comes in M, L, XL. White only....
Posted: 10/31/2011 10:05 AM in Oddbounces
Trick Or Treating With Tim Tebow
Tonight little boys and little girls will cascade into neighborhoods all across the country on the hunt for glorious candies while dressed up as ghosts, bumblebees and other types of characters befitting of children.However, there is one young man that...
Posted: 10/31/2011 9:34 AM in Ed The Sports Fan
Dan Pompei: Andrew Whitworth May Be The Best Left Tackle In Football
Dan Pompei of the National Football Post writes one of the best weekly postings covering the NFL, called the Sunday Blitz, typically covering insider information that most fans typically enjoy. We've referenced his postings in the past and we'll do s...
Posted: 10/31/2011 9:29 AM in Cincy Jungle
Cincinnati Bengals “Who D?” Defense Helps Cement Game They Shoulda Lost, But Coulda Won, But Usually Lose In A.M.B. Era.
To Bengals fans pre-dating the Mike Brown era, yesterday’s closer-than-the-score-indicates 34-12 win over the Seattle Seahawks wasn’t like finding a mermaid or the Lochness Monster. Nope, we pre-MBs have seen a few wins like this before. But to Bengals...
Posted: 10/31/2011 9:22 AM in Oddbounces
October 31st Jump Off
Follow Down The Drive on Facebook/twitter and check out the store. Football Cincinnati retains USA Today/AP Ranking, rises in BCS Ranking // Bearcats NationThe good news is that UC is just outside the BCS top 25 at 26 Facility Tour With Butch Jones /...
Posted: 10/31/2011 9:19 AM in Down The Drive
Peter King Ranks The Bengals 10th In The NFL
Peter King of Sports Illustrated hasn't always left a lasting positive aura with the Cincinnati Bengals during his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column. We suspose it has something do with being a beat writer for a local newspaper that developed ...
Posted: 10/31/2011 9:15 AM in Cincy Jungle
Now That The Bengals Have Won Games They're Supposed To Win, It's Time To Make A Statement
Certainly there's some wondering why the national recognition for the 5-2 Bengals is so slow to gain momentum. After all this is a team many predicted would be the worst in the NFL; some going so far as to say that this team wouldn't win a single gam...
Posted: 10/31/2011 9:02 AM in Cincy Jungle
Red Reporter Prospect Excite-O-Meter
Hey dudes and dudettes, remember me? After overheating in the Utah high desert and the Mojave Desert driving a '92 Volvo stationwagon overloaded with all my crap (BrianB can commiserate) I'm back from my nomadic wanderings to write about the Reds hav...
Posted: 10/31/2011 8:05 AM in Red Reporter
Bearcats Breakfast 10.31.11
Happy Halloween. The one day a year it is perfectly OK, in fact encouraged, to scare the cute out of little kids. Make sure you take advantage. When you trekked through the neighborhood as a kid, did you avoid the
Posted: 10/31/2011 8:03 AM in

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