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Rich Patrons Don't Rule the World, Even the Arts World
Reading this article from the Enquirer on a 'protest' at the Cincinnati Art Museum, I come up with many points lost in the article and on the people protesting: This article would not have been written if someone with pull hadn't tipped off the Enqui...
Posted: 4/15/2012 10:17 AM in Cincinnati Blog
Great Article on Development in OTR
The Enquirer has a great article on development in Over-the-Rhine, specifically on what is still to come: projects like Mercer Commons. I enjoyed hearing from new residents who have moved here with different backgrounds and ages, especially the new c...
Posted: 4/15/2012 8:28 AM in Cincinnati Blog
Sid Saturday
[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnaticomments?
Posted: 4/14/2012 12:14 PM in 5chw4r7z
Nick, Eben Fans: See Them Sing Sunday For City PSA
Nick Lachey and Eben Franckewitz will shoot videos Sunday for Laure Quinlivan’s “Cincinnati’s Singing” project. They’ll become PSAs for July’s World Choir Games. The shooting was originally scheduled for Saturday, but rescheduled because of the rain....
Posted: 4/14/2012 9:33 AM in Politics Extra
Sid Saturday
[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnaticomments?
Posted: 4/14/2012 7:42 AM in 5chw4r7z
Winburn: UC Law School To The Banks?
UPDATE: I caught up with Charlie today to talk to him a little bit more about this. He says he was approached about the idea and asked to push it by some lawyers who are alumni of the U.C. College of Law. Those lawyers want to remain anonymous for now....
Posted: 4/13/2012 10:08 PM in Politics Extra
Political notes
POLITICAL NOTES McKee to be honored at Jefferson Day Dinner. The Campbell County Democratic Woman’s Club will honor state Rep. Thomas McKee, D-Cynthiana at the club’s annual Jefferson day Dinner on Wednesday, April 18. Kentucky Secretary of State Alison...
Posted: 4/13/2012 6:21 PM in Kentucky Politics
Failed transportation budget leads to special session, accusations
FRANKFORT — The failure of the General Assembly to pass a transportation budget Thursday led to accusations from both parties and a special session called for Monday. Gov. Steve Beshear blamed Senate President David Williams for the failure and claimed...
Posted: 4/13/2012 4:42 PM in Kentucky Politics
Brown raked in $2.4 mil in first 3 months of 2012
Sen. Sherrod Brown raised another boatload of money for his re-election campaign in the 1st quarter of this year. His campaign said today that the incumbent Democrat raised almost $2.4 million in the first three months of 2012. Brown had nearly $6.3 million...
Posted: 4/13/2012 4:12 PM in Politics Extra
Confetti Cats moves to Oakley
Confetti Cats, a shop devoted to cats and their people, has relocated from Mount Lookout to Oakley. Forrest Sellers of the Community Press reports: Confetti Cats recently opened in Oakley. “We want to celebrate the love of cats,” said owner Cheryl Franklin,...
Posted: 4/13/2012 4:03 PM in New in Town

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