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Constella Festival single tix on sale
There’s already quite a buzz in the arts community about this new festival,which opens Oct. 13 with superstar violinist Hilary Hahn. The Constella Festival is now selling single tickets to its own events, as well as to the St. Lawrence String Quartet...
Posted: 10/3/2011 2:01 PM in Arts in Focus
Chat Tuesday With Wildman, Producer Bob
1 P.M. UPDATE: We apologize for the technical difficulties; apparently there were so many people on Cover It Live due to the Apple iPhone announcement that it crashed. We’re working to schedule a followup chat with Wildman and Bob next week so we can...
Posted: 10/3/2011 1:20 PM in TV and Media Blog
Pridonoff Duo cancels concert tonight
The Pridonoff Duo’s 3oth Anniversary Concert, scheduled for tonight at CCM, has been canceled. Elisabeth Pridonoff took a fall last week and is in a wheelchair with, I believe, a broken ankle and a broken foot — one on each limb. The Duo’s anniversary...
Posted: 10/3/2011 11:55 AM in Arts in Focus
Taste of the NFL + Giveaway
My favorite event of the year is here– Taste of the NFL, which benefits the Freestore Foodbank. It’s been delayed due to the NFL strike, but they’re back and it should be a great event. It’s happening this Thursday, October 6, from 5:30-9:30 PM at Paul...
Posted: 10/3/2011 11:45 AM in wine me, dine me (in cincinnati)
ArtWorks mural on CET building to be dedicated today
Maybe you’ve seen it while driving by on Central Parkway, or while parking to go to the symphony. The latest mural by ArtWorks was designed by renowned illustrator and Cincinnati resident C.F. Payne, and can be seen on the south side of the CET building....
Posted: 10/3/2011 11:24 AM in Arts in Focus
Seeking ‘Trick or Treat’ information
Please send your community’s “Trick or Treat” information to Include name of community, date, start and end time and contact phone number. Halloween 2011: Monday, Oct. 31
Posted: 10/3/2011 10:40 AM in In Case You Missed It
Ray's Music Exchange Reunions Become Annual
In July of last year, members of one of the more popular Cincinnati bands of the past 20 years — the Jazz/Funk/Fusion/Rock/Electronic/Etc. troupe Ray’s Music Exchange — got back together for a reunion concert at (now defunct) Silverton venue Play By Play....
Posted: 10/3/2011 1:00 AM in CityBeat Blogs - Music
Just announced! Dave and Teresa will be featured speakers during the Halloween Eve and Halloween Night event with Chris Dedman (from Travel Channel, A&E and Discovery Channel) in Georgetown, Ky at the Cardome Center. Come be one of the first to inves...
Posted: 10/2/2011 11:08 PM in Inside The Paranormal
Gluten Free Skillet Cornbread Recipe
Being Glutton Free now I do sometimes miss bread if I don't make sure to get some. Here is a quick easy way to get your bread fix. 1 cup corn meal1/2 cup corn starch1 TBS baking powderpinch of salt1 TBS sugarpinch of baking soda 1 egg1 TBS oil + 2 TB...
Posted: 10/2/2011 9:53 PM in My Life At Arnold's
2 Inch Stainless Sqube – pre-order info.
And you thought the Sqube's were finished...they can't be stopped! I thought somewhere I would insert some maniacal laughter in this post but considering that I just typed a lengthy sentence and referenced said laughter, I figure I'll quit while I'm ahead....
Posted: 10/2/2011 7:17 PM in Ventvox

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