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UC will play Georgia in Big East/SEC Challenge
UC will play at Georgia on Friday, Dec. 2 in the Big East/SEC Challenge. It will be the first meeting ever between the two schools. The Bearcats are one of 12 Big East programs that will participate. The rest of the schedule: Thurs., Dec. 1 – St. John’s...
Posted: 5/19/2011 2:46 PM in UC Athletics Blog
Bearcats and Bulldogs in Big East/SEC challenge
Bearcats and Bulldogs in Big East/SEC challenge UC will head to Athens to face Georgia on Friday December 2nd.
Posted: 5/19/2011 2:20 PM in Down The Drive
The Difference Between Brian Kelly and Butch Jones: A Word On A Photo
This photograph has caused a pretty solid flow of emails into my inbox in recent days and I have grown tired of repeating the same paragraph every few hours. I assumed that everyone would get the point of the picture in the context of the 5,000 or so
Posted: 5/19/2011 1:04 PM in Down The Drive
May 19th Jump Off
Bearcat News news: Luck, Barkley highlight top 2012 draft-eligible playersIsaiah Pead checking in at number 67. This provides another chance to plug my own work and remind everyone that Bill Koch sucks at his job. University of Cincinnati Off...
Posted: 5/19/2011 11:14 AM in Down The Drive
Bearcats Breakfast 5.19.11
Just a monster weekend for the Bearcats baseball team. If you want to watch quality baseball with high stakes, this will be the time to head out to Marge Schott Stadium. UC enters the final regular season weekend fourth in
Posted: 5/19/2011 9:51 AM in
Better Know A Bearcat: Travis Kelce
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a position, with an abundance of physical gifts must be in want of a second position to play.
Posted: 5/18/2011 3:49 PM in Down The Drive
Tony Campana: 'A dream come true'
University of Cincinnati product Tony Campana made his major league debut with the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday, living out a lifelong dream few could have predicted. [See Campana's interview with Cincinnati media] CINCINNATI - Tony Campana heard the
Posted: 5/18/2011 2:39 PM in
Former UC Product Tony Campana Makes MLB Debut
Last night at Great American Ballpark, former Cincinnati Bearcat Tony Campana made his big league debut for the Chicago Cubs. Tony entered the game as a pinch runner, where he promptly scored a run. In his first at bat an inning later, Campana pulled...
Posted: 5/18/2011 12:16 PM in Bearcats Blog
May 18th Jump Off
FC Barcelona vs Manchester United 2011 - The World Is Watching (via LWcomps) Have I mentioned yet that I am a little bit excited for the Champions Leauge final? Well I am. Moving on Bearcat News Bearcats Breakdown: Sean Kilpatrick | MayBearcats Blog ...
Posted: 5/18/2011 11:52 AM in Down The Drive
Bearcats Breakfast 5.18.11
For anybody who reads this blog semi-reguarly, you've heard this before and know my stance. Mick Cronin's work on the basketball court is only rivaled by his work off it with this program. Nobody talks about how the image of
Posted: 5/18/2011 9:44 AM in

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