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Modern Red
According to J Crew, orange is the new red. Or at least it was in August of 2012 when I bought the schoolboy blazer in “modern red.” Even if orange is no longer the new red, I still love this color.Blazer, J Crew. Dress, thrifted and shortened. Shoes...
Posted: 3/20/2014 8:36 PM
Eighth Floor
In the sci-fi short story, Stanley Toothbrush, the protagonist repeats words over and over, until they become nothing but nonsense syllables. As soon as the word loses all meaning to him, the object described by the word ceases to exist. The first wo...
Posted: 3/19/2014 11:27 PM
Wrap Star
Judging from the deep neckline and scanty overlap, this wrap dress may be a size too small. (But the size tag was cut out . . . so how am I to know?) My quick fix is to layer a shirt (and pettipants) underneath. I like the structure a collar and slee...
Posted: 3/18/2014 8:40 PM
Lucky Legs
I was certainly pushing my luck today: wearing a pair of my most unstable heels so soon after spraining my ankle. When I made my footwear choice, I was only planning to wear this outfit to one customer, walking a maximum of maybe 200 yards. But, of c...
Posted: 3/17/2014 9:32 AM
Sporty Sunday: Hiking Hidden Falls Regional Park
Hidden Falls Regional Park reminds me strongly of Cincinnati’s Mt Airy Park. The similarly sized parks are both webbed with trails traversing moderate hills and draws. Both are easily accessible and sometimes crowded. Although the species differ, the
Posted: 3/16/2014 9:35 PM
We All Fall Down
I’ve been lucky to have stayed relatively uninjured for the past 38 years. No broken bones. No debilitating injuries from my time in the military. None of the chronic conditions that affect long-time runners or swimmers. But, today, I had an accident...
Posted: 3/13/2014 10:59 AM
Kite Weather
Today would have been a perfect day to go kite flying. I have a kite, purchased years ago, but never used. In fact, I don’t think I’ve flown one since I was small. Beefy, though, has NEVER flown a kite. We’ll have to remedy that!Shirt, Levi’s (thrift...
Posted: 3/12/2014 2:05 PM
I knew it would be windy today, so I purposefully chose a dress that would interact with the breeze. To stay work appropriate, I anchored it with a flannel and tweed blazer and lined it with a full-length slip. Blazer, Love tree. Dress, Swap. Shoes, ...
Posted: 3/11/2014 10:11 AM
Sunrise to Sunset
Today we saw 11 hours and 41 minutes of daylight. And I was working for all of it. Well, I had a few minutes at sunset for these pictures.Shirt, Forever 21. Skirt, Herman Geist (thrifted and shortened). Tights, Merona. Boots, Style & Co (thrifted). S...
Posted: 3/10/2014 9:52 PM
Still In Progress
This mural, in the M-N alley, near 20th street, is “still in progress.” Aren’t we all?Jacket, H&M (thrifted). Sweater, Forever 21. Tunic, Wet Seal. Leggings, Leggings Queen. Shoes, Prabal Gurung for Target. Sunglasses, Girlprops. Earrings, Jacke E Oh...
Posted: 3/9/2014 11:29 PM
What I Wore Today
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