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New Year’s Resolutions
I make wishy-washy New Year’s resolutions. To write them down would simply be overwhelming. There’s so much I want do do but mostly, I just want to do better. But if I were to write them down, “do better with my blog” would top the list. Gosh I was terrible...
Posted: 1/3/2014 12:10 AM
Sophie’s Version of the Grinch As a 3-Year-Old
We watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” tonight and it reminded Andy of this video. He played it for the kids—I forgot how much I love it. So it’s an oldie (December 2011), but one of our family’s favorites. “And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice...
Posted: 12/10/2013 8:06 PM
Our 2,371-mile Summer Vacation
It’s snowing and almost Christmas so, basically, the perfect time to post about our summer vacation, no? When we learned that Andy’s cousin, Julie, had gotten engaged, Andy and I talked about flying out, just the two of us, to attend her wedding. But...
Posted: 12/7/2013 12:30 AM
Happy Thanksgiving!
I found this in Sophie’s backpack. my BUVRZ = my brothers JAZ = James ON = Owen “Thanksgiving is the holiday that encompasses all others. All of them … are in one way or another about being thankful.” —Jonathan Safran Foer
Posted: 11/28/2013 9:25 AM
Love + Hate
Owen and James hit each other when angry—sometimes with their hands and sometimes with objects, like their wooden trains. We have a zero-tolerance policy re hitting. They know this but still—still—it’s something we’re working on. Sophie is old enough...
Posted: 11/8/2013 11:52 PM
Being James
So James and Owen are in preschool. They go five days a week, 9-11:30am. They seem to love it. (I love it.) They’re excited to go in the morning. They’re all smiles when they climb up into the van when their day is done. They sing the songs they learned....
Posted: 10/25/2013 12:37 PM
My Dad’s Retirement
Work, for my dad, started early—in life and in the day. He grew up on a hog farm in Lewisburg, Ohio. He helped with the hard work of the farm, and my grandparents paid him and his siblings for the work that they did. He went to college, taught, got a...
Posted: 10/17/2013 10:44 PM
My Online Stranger Friends
Before my first pregnancy, I was a message-board virgin. Once pregnant, a friend directed me to Baby Center. There I found Birth Clubs. I was due in July, and by becoming a member of July’s Birth Club, I could chat with hundreds of other moms also due...
Posted: 9/25/2013 11:51 PM
A New Ball Game
Now that Sophie’s older, I hesitate writing—deeply, sincerely, truthfully (the hard truths, anyway)—about her. I have a few, very specific memories from age 5. Her story is becoming her own now and I feel it’s her place to tell it someday, if she chooses—not...
Posted: 9/18/2013 11:32 PM
The Perils of Fatherhood
Ed note: Andy gave me full permission to write this post. A couple weeks ago we were all on the couch. I was reading picture books out loud, to the kids. Andy found a marble in the couch, while I was reading. And for whatever reason he thought it would...
Posted: 9/15/2013 11:26 PM
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