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The AwesomeYear Line, 3/5, Night baseball in the desert
The weird thing about being here is, you’re connected and disconnected at the same time. You might know a lot about what’s happening with The Club, but not much else. I didnt know that M Cronin believes his issue w/T Valentine would be good for recruiting....
Posted: 3/5/2014 12:29 PM
The Goodyear Line, 3/4…Jay Bruce for MVP
Mostly sunny, 65 degrees, slight breeze. . . It’s amazing what weather does to/for your disposition, yeah? First morning impressions… Jay Bruce (today’s TM column subject) seems poised to make the jump into the elite. His defense and arm are already there....
Posted: 3/4/2014 12:45 PM
The Morning Line, 3/3, Big Saturday for XU hoops
So much to whine about, so little time. HEY, XAVIER FANS... If I didnt know I’d made a mistake the first time I got one of your e-mails, I pretty much had it figured with e-mail No. 500. Your team did not, in fact, lose at home to Tennessee, but rather...
Posted: 3/3/2014 9:24 AM
The Morning Line, 2/28 (Howard Mitchell edition)
Welcome today’s guest Mobster Howard Mitchell to the blog. Greetings once again on this Frozen February Friday for my fourth appearance in this hallowed space of TML—the last one being last July. Just like a host of “Saturday Night Live,” I’m a 4-timer!...
Posted: 2/28/2014 9:43 AM
The Morning Line, 2/27, Reds and Back Roads
The Drive was magical yesterday. I’ve been all over the back roads of this region, and they never disappoint. Out Loveland’s back door, through Goshen and Blanchester and smaller specks on the map (never found downtown Cozaddale or, you know, Roachester)...
Posted: 2/27/2014 9:39 AM
The Morning Line, 2/26, If You’re Ready Now. . .
If you’re ready now. . . A couple years ago, on the day the Reds played for the first of about 192 times, I hopped in the red Toyota Solara midlife-crisis mobile and headed. . . anywhere. (Actually, it was maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Time sprints.) I mean,...
Posted: 2/26/2014 10:10 AM
The Morning Line, 2/25, Reds and more. Please talk, BP
Back in the early AM saddle, soaking in all the stuff from AwesomeYear, thank you Fayman and CTR. I dont know about you. But I look forward to the first game from AZ on the radio almost as much as Opening Day. Baseball being the last, best radio game,...
Posted: 2/25/2014 10:14 AM
The Late Morning Line, 2/24. Minding SK’s minutes
… and we do mean late. This is what youse get when Johnny Thinwallet wants to save on an airplane ticket: A 640 AM flight outta St. Pete. arriving in Lex at 830. Two hours later, back at the palatial estate, tapping this masterpiece. Since I spend a lot...
Posted: 2/24/2014 12:32 PM
The Morning Line, 2/21 (Joel Beall edition)
Welcome back guest Mobster Joel Beall. Beall is a writer and assistant editor for and He lives with a Golden Tee machine and a jump shot that’s currently broken. Reach Joel on Twitter @FOXSportsBeall It’s not easy being...
Posted: 2/21/2014 9:22 AM
The Morning Line, 2/19, Making TML better for you
A quickie this AM, Mobsters. I’d said earlier this week I’d be asking for your input re changes to The Morning Line. So. . . Input. TML started at the Pro Bowl in 2006, as a couple-times-a-week spew of whatever was on my mind. I used it then to offer...
Posted: 2/19/2014 10:26 AM
Paul Daugherty
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Paul Daugherty has been an Enquirer sports columnist since 1994 and has been chronicling Cincinnati sports since 1988.

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