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Charlotte- 5 Months!
Clothes Mostly all 3-6 months or 6 months clothes. Health So far so good! So thankful she did not catch the cold that Derek and I got. It appears most of her cradle-cap has cleared up this month as well. She had just a minor case that could be kept a...
Posted: 4/9/2014 4:34 PM
Weekend Happenings
Last weekend we were stuck inside all of the days because I was sick! Ugh, this cold was awful. And all thanks to Derek, this was the first time I had been sick in over a year! I had been so lucky to not get sick the entire pregnancy, so I guess it w...
Posted: 3/31/2014 5:36 PM
New Mommy Confessions Part II
-Any new mom you see, tell her how wonderful of a job she is doing (Even if you have no idea!). There is nothing to tell us Mommys how we are doing so it is always nice to hear :)-This losing hair business is no joke! By month four when it hadn’t hap...
Posted: 3/19/2014 8:00 AM
I Got it From My Mama
That is me on the left and Charlotte on the right. People keep asking who Charlie looks like and in the beginning we had no idea. Now that she is getting to be a little older, I’d say she is looking more and more like me. I thought it would be fun to
Posted: 3/11/2014 8:00 AM
As I was laying in bed last night, everybody was asleep besides me. It was so peacefully quiet. All I could hear was the breaths taken from my family. I could feel my husband breathing right beside of me, hear the loud breaths from my pup below me, a...
Posted: 3/7/2014 11:09 AM
Charlotte- 4 Months!
Clothes Well, it came time to get out the 3-6 months clothes. At this point, I put away all her newborn and smaller 3 month clothes. I have to admit, this was a little sad! It was like a huge punch in the face that my little girl is growing faster th...
Posted: 3/4/2014 8:00 AM
The Blogmopolitan Quiz
I’m linking up with Erin today with this adorable idea…Blogmopolitan quiz. You know all those quizzes that celebrities answer in magazines; well, here is our chance to answer them! Enjoy reading and getting to know me a little better. Hope you have a
Posted: 2/28/2014 8:00 AM
Hi, I’m Charlotte’s Mommy
Let’s talk Mommy Cards. Heard of them? I hadn’t until I saw the adorable idea on Pinterest a couple of years ago. Basically, they are business cards/contact cards for Moms. I pinned them to my “Oh-Baby” board because I thought they were such a great ...
Posted: 2/27/2014 8:00 AM
What We’re Loving
I thought I would share a few things that Charlotte and I are loving lately….One: Security blanket with doll- This is Charlotte’s first little dolly and she loves it. She reaches for it now and will just stare at it. Too cute! And it gets me so excit...
Posted: 2/25/2014 11:20 AM
Weekend Recap!
….Weekend Recap, say what?! It’s been forever since I’ve done a weekend recap. Yay, I’m excited that we have done something exciting enough to have a recap, ha! Friday was Valentine’s Day and I spent it with Brutus and Charlie. You see, Derek had thi...
Posted: 2/17/2014 6:01 PM
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