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Tommy Tuberville Has Things To Say
Unless it is a football or basketball gameday saturday is not usually a huge day for posting here at down the drive. But this saturday is an exception. just posted two videos with Tommy Tuberville talking about spring practice and movi...
Posted: 4/19/2014 2:00 PM
Titus Rubles Season In Review
Titus Rubles had a rough go of it in his first year in the Queen City. He could never really find his lane as a Junior, and he tried to do things that were outside of his skill set, like shooting threes. He cut that stuff out of his game in 2013-14 a...
Posted: 4/19/2014 10:00 AM
Shape For Renovated Fifth Third Arena Emerging
Less than 24 hours after the first casual talk of Mick Cronin being a name for the Tennessee opening the University of Cincinnati has at least a general plan in hand for what a renovated Fifth Third Arena would look like. As with most infrastructure ...
Posted: 4/18/2014 11:06 PM
Mick Cronin, His Contract and the Tennessee Vols
Well, here we are again. Random internet reports are claiming that Mick Cronin is in discussion's with Tennessee about potentially taking over the position recently vacated by Cunzo Martin when he headed west to Berkley. So, are the Vols a threat to ...
Posted: 4/17/2014 11:08 PM
Justin Jackson To Participate In Portsmouth Invitational
The Florida native will be the first Bearcat to make a showing in the Tidewater since Yancy Gates. If JJ is to make a run as a draftable asset a good showing at the PIT is a must. It has been four years since Lance Stephenson was taken in the second ...
Posted: 4/16/2014 4:03 PM
Basketball Late Signing Period Starts Today
The second and final chance for teams and players to come together for the last time in the class of 2014 is upon us. Unlike the early signing day in November there will not be a flurry of action on the first day. Prospects have about six weeks to si...
Posted: 4/16/2014 1:38 PM
Report: Sites For Upcoming AAC Tournament's Decided
The American Athletic Conference has decided who will host the next three AAC Championships. From the Orlando Sentinal The American hosted its inaugural championship tournament in Memphis in 2014. The league is set to announce the 2015 tournament wil...
Posted: 4/14/2014 5:30 PM
Nippert Stadium Renovation Providing A Fundraising Boost
On the day that Whit Babcock announced the renovation and expansion of Nippert Stadium he brought up an idea. He actually brought it up several times. In its most eloquently stated, and possibly redundant form it is as follows. The main reason why we
Posted: 4/14/2014 8:00 AM
Basketball Arena A Top Priority For Mike Bohn
With Nippert Stadium setting the Bearcats on a more sustainable fiscal course for the future everyone acknowledges that finding a more suitable home for the Bearcats basketball teams is a top priority. But what are his options? From the Enquirer "I k...
Posted: 4/10/2014 10:41 PM
Cincinnati Football Recruiting Check Up
The Bearcats landed their first commitment in the class of 2015 way back in early February. Since then the Bearcats have been fairly quiet on the recruiting front but that is going to change with the start of the evaluation period on the 15th of Apri...
Posted: 4/9/2014 2:10 PM
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