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What Actions During the Campaign Got Osborne Hired by Cranley?
If you want the number one news article Kevin Osborne wrote during the campaign that would have clinched any alleged quid-pro-quo it would be this false story that was disproved rather easily by Osborne's old new outlet, CityBeat.The second action Os...
Posted: 3/20/2014 8:01 AM
OTR Is Still Operating
There may be freezing rain and an impending 'White Death' on the way, but OTR carries on. Here's the draft list for the Eagle today.
Posted: 3/2/2014 1:41 PM
Cranley Makes Unsupported Claims About Police Response
In Sunday's article from the Enquirer "Is it time to change shift schedules for our cops?" the paper includes Cranley's unsupported claim about police response to 911 Calls:“Code zeros” – the police code for instances when someone calls 911 for help ...
Posted: 2/24/2014 8:10 AM
Enquirer Creates Click-Bait Blog Post a-la Buzzfeed
I don't think this will surprise anyone but the 24 people who commented on the blog post, but the Enquirer's blogpost over the weekend with the title Is Greater Cincinnati really miserable? is click-bait bullshit. The title implies the survey in ques...
Posted: 2/24/2014 7:38 AM
Meet the New Parking Plan, Worse Than the Old Parking Plan
As if you could possibly expect anything different from John Cranley, we get his plan or plan with options to "fix" the parking problem. It is a plan that looks and sounds like the plan the previous administration put forth last year, but it doesn't ...
Posted: 2/11/2014 7:27 AM
Why Were Snow Routes Not Fully Plowed Five Days Later?
Late on Tuesday night February 4th the Cincinnati City Manager issued a requirement that all cars parked on Snow Routes in Cincinnati had to be moved.City Manager is issuing a snow parking restriction. No parking along designated SNOW PARKING EMERGEN...
Posted: 2/10/2014 9:46 PM
How Will Cranley Pay for the 5 Million Dollars a Year?
The Enquirer buries the lead in their 'exclusive' press release from the Mayor's Office that calls for adding more cops to the tune of 5 Million dollars per year, including benefits. The one million dollars is additional up front money, but the long ...
Posted: 2/3/2014 10:30 AM
Is Republican Charlie Winburn Fishing in the 9th District Senate Race?
So, on Saturday I got an automated telephone poll from a 614 (Columbus) number asking for opinions on everyone reportedly running or thinking about running for the 9th Ohio Senate district, and Republican Charlie Winburn. All of the other people on t...
Posted: 2/3/2014 7:56 AM
Blogging Isn't Cool: Hamilton County GOP Power Grabs
Quimbob sums up the Hamilton County Republican last minute effort to move the Board of Elections out of Downtown with this quote: "The HamCo GOP is so hellbent on rigging elections & attaining power, they will sabotage public safety without a second ...
Posted: 1/28/2014 8:00 AM
Portune is Living in a Vacuum
Hamilton County Comissioner Todd Portune announced he is running for Ohio Governor on Monday. The local Democrat will face off in a primary against Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, who already has received the endorsement of the Ohio Democrat...
Posted: 1/3/2014 9:54 AM
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