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Because This Makes Sense
Woof. RT @DanWolken: Frank Haith will reportedly make more at Tulsa than AAC counterparts Mick Cronin and Kevin Ollie — Andy Glockner (@AndyGlockner) April 18, 2014
Posted: 4/18/2014 2:49 PM
NEW DETAILS on @uofcincy's proposed renovation of 5/3 Arena, coming soon. Would cut to 10,000 seats, no bleachers. @Enquirer @PrezOno — Cliff Peale (@cliffpeale) April 18, 2014
Posted: 4/18/2014 2:29 PM
UC to Play in the Emerald Coast Classic ☆
It was officially announced yesterday that the Cincinnati basketball team will play in the Emerald Coast Classic. This is basically a twist on the Global Sports thing that UC has been participating in the past few seasons. When UC played every North Carolina...
Posted: 4/18/2014 2:22 PM
How’s Justin Jackson Playing in the Portsmouth Invitational? ☆
Justin Jackson is playing in the Portsmouth Invitational with some other college seniors this week. It’s a showcase in which the players do their best to get noticed. There are NBA assistants assigned to every team. It’s not really to help guys get drafted....
Posted: 4/18/2014 1:11 PM
Things to Watch: This Joey Votto Profile
This is not Bearcat related in the slightest, but this feature about Joey Votto talking about the death of his father and subsequent depression really hit home with me. When I was laying in bed after I woke up this morning, I started thinking about it’s...
Posted: 4/15/2014 3:02 PM
AAC Signs Up for the New Cure Bowl ☆
The AAC has signed up for another bowl game. This one is the 40th, or 39th really, bowl game. It will start in 2015. It’s called the Cure Bowl, named after the fight against breast cancer. The bowl will donate to various breast cancer charities. The game...
Posted: 4/15/2014 2:09 PM
2015 AAC Basketball Tournament Headed to Hartford ☆
When you think of great places for college basketball tournaments, the mind immediately jumps to Hartford, Connecticut. That’s ideal because next season’s AAC tournament will be played in Hartford, Connecticut. The league announced the move today. “We...
Posted: 4/14/2014 1:59 PM
The 5 Necessary Proposed College Basketball Rule Changes ☆
The college basketball season is over, shocker, which means it’s time to go back to the drawing board and look for more ways to improve the game. The major rule changes last year cracked down on hand checking and the charge rule. I would say for the most...
Posted: 4/11/2014 1:48 PM
2013-14 Cincinnati Basketball Highlight Video ☆
The good people at UC put out a 7 minute highlight video yesterday. It is well worth every single minute. This pretty much puts college basketball to bed. It’s almost time to start turning the page for what’s to come this summer.
Posted: 4/10/2014 1:52 PM
Meet Sean Kilpatrick Saturday Afternoon
Meet Sean Kipatrick at Kenwood Mall — Sean Kilpatrick (@SeanKilpatrick_) April 7, 2014
Posted: 4/8/2014 8:02 PM
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